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BelKraft Universal Water Purifier

Universal water purifier


We modified the BelKraft Water Purifier with a dual Diverter Valve. This filter can be placed anywhere on your counter. No need to place it on the side of the sink.


The same unit can be installed under the counter.

Diverter Valve

diverter valve
for counter top water filters


This is a Stainless Steel dual hose diverter valve.


Saddle Valve

water filter
saddle valve


For an under counter installation this is the best quality saddle valve on the market. Simple to install, reliable and attaches to different sizes of pipes.


Universal in Black

Universal water
filter in black

Chrome Universal

chrome water filter



BelKraft Universal housings are designed for use in drinking water filtration systems for above or under the counter.


Thick walls for increased strength.


The reinforced polypropylene material used in the housings is NSF and FDA compliant.


Technical Data:

Polypropylene Talc Filled

Testing Cycle: From 0-150

Maximum Pressure: 75PSI

Bursting Pressure: 575 PSI

Maximum Temperature: 120º F (50º C)

O-Ring: BN70

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