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Full Spectrum Purifier


BelKraft Water Purifiers - World Class Water Purifier with the washable
Doulton 4 Stage Ceramic Water Filter Candle
History: In 1835 Queen Victoria recognized the health dangers in drinking water and commissioned Doulton of England to produce a drinking water filter for the Royal household. By 1901 Henry Doulton had been knighted, and his company honoured by authorizing it to use the word ROYAL in reference to its products. The efficiency of domestic Doulton water filters has been widely extended over the years to meet the demands of increasingly sophisticated uses. Doulton ceramic water filters are now in use in over 150 countries.
BelKraft in business since 1965 with expertise in surgical stainless steel, teamed up with Doulton of England to custom produce the ‘Full Spectrum’ cartridge. The housings are either food grade polypropylene or surgical stainless steel with a full 50 year warranty. BelKraft water purifiers are now available through StoreOnline.
A Closer Look Inside                    
Doulton ceramic is made from Kieselguhr Diatomaceous Earth and fired to above 1000 degrees Celsius. Over 80,000 overlapping pores make up each element. This feature provides absolute mechanical filtration with a 99.999% rejection of bacteria and cysts. Bacteria and any other foreign particles as small as 0.2 of a micron are trapped on the outside of the element while the water passes through the ceramic wall to the inside of the element.
Impurities unable to penetrate through the microscopic channels of the ceramic matrix, such as bacteria, Cryptosporidium and other micro organisms, are simply trapped on or near the surface of the element. These particles will slow the flow rate of the water indicating that it is time to wash the element.
This simply means self sterilizing. The entire ceramic wall is impregnated with oligodynamic silver. Silver has been long proven as a disinfectant, which insures that bacteria trapped in the ceramic's pores are killed thereby eliminating any threat of bacteria colonization.
Inside the Ceramic shell is a post carbon block filter, which is manufactured by combining a zeolite metal ion reduction medium with carbon to form a tightly packed matrix. This post filter provides two key features; Chemical Reduction (chlorine, pesticides, solvents, etc.) and Heavy Metal Reduction (lead, iron, aluminium, etc.) Medical authorities are now identifying heavy metals as key players in the degradation of mental health in humans.
Key Features
  • ELIMINATES BACTERIA - Cholera, Typhoid, Salmonella, Serratia, E. Coli, Fecal Coliform, Etc.
  • Eliminates Cryptosporidium, Parvum and Gardia Lambia Cysts (Beaver Fever)
  • Sub-Micron Particulate Filtration removing chlorine and chemicals
  • Quickly and Easily Cleaned for Prolonged Life and Outstanding Economics
  • Self Sterilization Bacteriostatic
  • Cannot "Plug Up" Internally
  • No Tools Required to Service
  • Allows the free flow of calcium and natural minerals to keep the water alkaline balanced.
  • Shuts down when cartridge has expired

Many quality housings to to select. we have white polypropoline and a surgical stainless steel housing. Click HERE


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