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50% OFF GAS Coupon for 50% OFF Gas Card


In appreciation of your business, this is our special gift to you. We'll give you 50% off your gasoline bills for one month, up to a max. of $200.


It is really simple. Show us your gasoline receipts for last month, use your Door Knocker Deal and buy your gas cards for 50% off - keep reading. As a matter of fact, if you don't have the receipts, we can estimate the cost by the vehicle you drive and the distance you travel. Heck, we'll even consider your heavy foot if you tell us. But don't you don't worry about that, your honesty is good enough for us.


Here's what you might refer to as the catch, the hook, snag or what ever you want to call it.




This is a gift of appreciation for your business. In other words, it is a reward gifted to you for making a purchase. I know, your thinking, pump up the prices and get hosed. Hey, think what you want. It is your right. But that is not our intent. We want your business so bad, we'll give you 50% off your gaosline bills for a month, up to a max. of $200. 


I know what your thinking, again, because I thought the same thing. Are they saying 50% OFF $400 which is $200 savings. YES. You got it! You can SAVE up to $200 max. OK. Now we are getting somewhere.


Make a purchase and use your Door Knocker Deal to get 50% off a gas card purchase.


OH. Something else you need to know. Each purchase is very specific so read the details on how much you will be rewarded. In other words, if you buy a Belkraft Stainless Steel Universal Water Purifier, you can use your Door Knocker Deal to get 50% off a $400 gas card purchase. That is the max of $200. That's it.


The list of products and services will be updated daily so check back to see what's new. Who knows, maybe you might like an offer or two. Maybe you will make a purchase. And if you do, use your Door Knocker Deal to get your gas cards at 50% off.


Currently, you can go to to see some products on the front page and we will be adding a ton more to the list. For BUSINESS, we also have business products like advertising, website development stuff, and more to be added. Call me if you need help.



Mike Raganold


Check your "INBOX" now for the coupon sent to you by email.


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