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18.04.2011 :: Water Purifiers


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Water Purifiers
by author Curtis Foreman 

Water sustains life. The water you drink replenishes your body's cells and flushes out waste to keep you healthy and vibrant. In fact, at any given time, almost two-thirds of your body is composed of the water you've consumed in the previous few days.


Now picture this: a friend offers you a glass of water and presents you with something that smells strongly of chlorine. When you pull a face, she laughs and says she knows it smells, but thinks it's okay to drink.


In a way, she's right; chlorine is the very reason that most municipally treated water is "okay." Ever since the disinfecting properties of chlorine were discovered in the 19th century, cities have been adding it to drinking water to kill harmful micro-organisms and pathogens.


But the benefits of chlorination come at a cost. Although scientists and health officials generally agree that chlorine levels in municipally treated water are too low to pose a significant health risk to humans, the use of chlorine actually creates byproducts that can cause serious harm.


When chlorine reacts with organic material, such as leaves and twigs in source water, it produces chlorinated organic compounds called trihalomethanes, which include such toxic substances as chloroform. Several studies have shown these substances to be carcinogenic even in extremely low doses, and other studies have implicated them in problems during pregnancy.


Chlorine and its byproducts aren't the only hazards. Lead from pipes can leach into water supplies. If your drinking water comes from an untreated source such as a private well, the groundwater supply can become tainted with diseases such as Giardia or Cryptosporidium, fecal coliform from animal waste, or chemicals such as pesticides.


The best solution would be to invest into a quality water purifier for your kitchen. One guaranteed to remove Cryptosporidium, Giardia Lambia, E coli, chemicals and lead.

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Bottled Water - a mysterous source


Bottled Water - a mysterous source

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